Process Review

With the Workshop project coming to an end I thought it would be beneficial to reflect on the process. The idea for my project initially stemmed from thinking of different ways to visually represent and communicate information. Infographic and interface design came together to guide my initial idea. The bulk of the project was learning the new programming language of Actionscript 3, I feel as though I have gain a lot of knowledge through this project, I can now code buttons, preloaders, scroll panes, drop down menus, random number generators and variable counters.

The quiz game is functioning perfectly and testing the interface has gone quite well, people seem to find the design quite straightforward and engaging. The side deliverable of the mini-booklet provides a print counterpart for the interactive quiz game which draws on the vector art information slides for content.

I’ve decided to upload some process work which has helped guide my development from early on to the project’s final steps.

An early sketch of how I wanted the interface to look and function.

Survey Results from downtown participants

a finalized list of topics which lend themselves well to vector art. This helped me keep track of the work I created and guided me through the design steps.


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