Milestone Review

With the project being reviewed today, I thought it would be helpful to take a look at my initial timeline and see how many of my goals I have accomplished. Some of the things I initially had planned are no longer applicable as ideas have evolved and changed. These are indicated on the list in red. Highlighted in green are the components of the project already completed and everything on the list that is not highlight has yet to be accomplished. I’ve also added “New Items” to display some other tasks that have been occupying my time which were not on the initial list.

Looking at the list, I had pleased to have completed some of the more difficult tasks. Everything left is quite manageable and I feel that I can complete most of the remaining tasks in less than the estimated time allocations. Also, it helps knowing I have enough code figured out to get a working database at this point. I’m still pushing to learn all the user-input so the experience will be more engaging and interactive.


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