Drop-down Menu Rethink

I have been working with the coding aspect and I have managed to get a working counter, it’s the part of the code that determines if the question has been answered correctly. If the correct question is chosen, 1 point is added to the counter, if there are 5 labels on a page, the program would look for 5 point to proceed to the “you win” screen, if the number is less than that, it would show you the correct answers.

This is working great but now I’m having trouble with the drop-down menu, I have been thinking about taking an alternative route and creating the menu visually rather than through code. It should work the same way and be even more customizable.

That would mean the code I really need to learn is the “make movieclip appear” and “make movieclip disappear”. This would allow me to display different things without having to move to another frame on the timeline. I would be working with layers instead of keyframes. I’ve never done this before but it seems to work in my head, plus it would be really great to have a working prototype for my upcoming project evaluation.


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