User input code exploration

I have been looking through examples and tutorials for user input. Here is an example of a working quiz game structure that stores your score while you choose from 10 randomly chosen multiple choice questions.

Here’s a tutorial that was somewhat beneficial in at least showing some layout options for the quiz aspect.

That quiz game was made entirely in ActionScript 2, which I can manipulate and understand completely. The issue with using it is that I would really like to get to an intermediate level with ActionScript 3. Ideally I would like to learn the new coding language but getting a working project done on time is also very important to me. I’m going to try to hang in there a bit longer with the new code and at least take comfort in knowing I have a plan B if it all goes terribly wrong.

Here’s the format I am currently trying to capture. The finished project should include three initial options (names pending):

  • “test your knowledge” -allows users to view quiz questions one by one (as many as they want) with immediate answers.
  • “expand your knowledge” -allows users to navigate through the answer cards to learn more about the topics.
  • “speed round” -randomly generates 10 questions in a row, percent results are revealed when all the questions have been answered.

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