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Coding Research

December 16, 2010

I have been looking up various options to use to code my interactive database. I will be posting the various websites I’ve looked up and review the benefits/disadvantages of going with each option.

Note: Just because these resources may not fit the project at hand does not mean they are not worth trying for future projects.


  • Creates professional interfaces, user-friendly and template system
  • Online support (wiki/forum)  and User Guide for assistance


  • Completely new software to learn
  • purchasing a license is expensive

Html5 boilerplate


  • constantly updated, open source
  • heavily documented with tips/hints


  • better suited for websites than single-page databases
  • limited examples of work created using the system


  • provides a variety of add-ons for ExpressionEngine
  • user created/submitted content with community involvement


  • Requires ExpressionEngine to be of any use.
  • Add-ons require no work or in some cases too much.

blueprint css


  • creates professional websites based on a grid
  • takes cross-platform design into consideration


  • structured for grid-based websites, difficult to adapt to database
  • similar to other website tools already available and well-known

flash AS3


  • industry standard for flash
  • multiple applications, (not just for websites)


  • new programming language to learn
  • requires flash player to run

flash AS2


  • I have experience with simple AS2 coding
  • Many resources available for coding language


  • out of date language, AS3 is the new standard
  • limited application for the future

I will look further into each option as well as look for other options as well. These notes are just to assist me in making a choice. I will make my selection shortly and proceed to getting some working code for my database.


Workshop Blog Introduction

December 8, 2010

Hello, I am a Designer in my fourth year of the YSDN program. This blog has been created to document my process for my interactive database project. I will be posting my progress, inspirational websites and other related content.

Here is potentially what the final output may look like: